horny Blaine doesn’t have time for your cockblocking

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hrhchriscolfer: Sailors.

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Blaine bought a couch off the back of a truck because apparently the furniture I carefully chose from Chelsea’s Finest flee markets isn’t that comfortable. It was a mid-century knock-off so I gave him an A for effort. But as soon as I lifted up one of the cushions I saw that the entire couch was riddled with…BED BUGS! BED BUGS! So we spent the entire night disinfecting everything, taking soaked showers then disinfecting everything again.

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"My condolences to other media outlets that so desperately want Kurt to be with anyone but Blaine that they tweet things like “Kelliot > Klaine” during episodes. It must be very difficult for you to hear your new favorite toy loudly support Klaine."

—LeakyNews “Glee Recap 5.14” (X)
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This New York Glee

I like it 


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"Blaine bought a couch infested with bedbugs that leads to the most ridiculous montage of Klaine shrieking and compulsively cleaning and showering. I’m so glad these two are back together on a regular basis, because the comedic interaction between Darren Criss and Chris Colfer is one of the best parts of Glee and exactly the breath of fresh air the show needs."

LeakyNews (via bandwagonjumping)

Amanda always get it RIGHT.

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