Say My Name (Crisscolfer fic, NC-17)

Summary: two years into a relationship with Darren, Chris mindlessly says the wrong name in bed. 1750 words, 

Author note: i just love my beta, yumi, thank you <3 

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"Oh fuck. Yes. God. Yes!"

"You… like that… baby?" Chris’s words came out in an amused tone, even though they were spoken breathy, labored, and interrupted with audible groans. He also didn’t miss the smug grin on Darren’s face as he said them.

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Perfume: thoughts

The smell of that perfume, your perfume

The smell of you… linger in my head

Laced with memories that seems a decade old

It smells like you… 

It smells like me  

And all that we sheared together 

It’s the scent of lazy afternoons on your bed

Under the sheets

Holding each other 

Like it would kill us to let go

The smell of words spoken in the darkness 

Of shy firsts 

And bold, sure touches

It’s the smell of us stealing minutes of our long day

Ignoring obligations 

To talk… to flirt

The smell of stolen kisses 

And subtle smiles

Words of affection that were spoken in silence

The smell of us walking for hours

Till our muscles complain 

Getting lost in a busy street 

Laughing so loud

And making complete fools of our self in front of strangers

Of us holding hands

And not caring because no one knows us here 

So far away from home…

You’re no longer here with me

But your perfume continues to haunt me…

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Crisscolfer fic: That One Time We Sheared a Joint

Author: nunu55

Rating: NC-17

Words: 3800

Warning: drug use

Summary: "I really want to put my finger inside your mouth" Darren suddenly said, it came out in a relaxed easy tone, like he wasn’t saying something entirely sexual, not to mention really kinky. Chris snorted, trying not to laugh.

"You mean you want to put the finger in my mouth,” Chris swiftly shifted his gaze down to Darren’s crotch then quickly looked back up to his eyes, daring him to deny it.

posted for CC week (Day 5: no plot necessary)

Author note: quick thanks to ishipcc for beta reading this. Also dag for reading some of the porny parts and liking it :D

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Chris’s neck seemed to be useless in doing its everyday function. For some reason his neck muscles are too lax, they won’t contract properly to hold his head still. Chris decided to rest his wobbling head on the back of the couch; until a solution to this newfound problem is reached.

Getting high was fun, Chris decided. His head felt light and heavy at the same time. Plus the sensation that the place where your brain normally occupies, which strangely now feels empty, it’s kind of awesome and surprisingly freeing. I don’t think I have a brain anymore!! He thought to himself, smiling unconsciously.

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Crisscolfer fic: Operation Get over Colfer

Author: nunu55

Rating: NC-17

Words: 6200

Summary: Darren always thought that his one-sided, little crush on Chris was harmless, but then after a particular shoot in New York things changed, and it became an obsession. Darren decided then that he needs to get over his friend. Faced with a rare opportunity for what seems to be a one-night stand with Chris, will Darren fall into lust or spare his heart the ache?

 Posted for CC week (Day 3: behind the glee)

Author note:  I suck at summaries, the rating already gave it away. Anyway I wanna thank my beta ulysses31dancer, who continued to tolerate my constant messaging and stupid questions, she’s really awesome <3 

Read it at AO3

Darren Criss won’t lie, especially not to himself; he’s not that kind of a person. Yeah, sure, he might ignore things, push them to the back of his hyperactive brain and put a million other stuff that he wants to do or needs to do on top of those said things and bury those things deep; so deep that he won’t necessarily need to deal with them.

He does that often, and it has always worked.

But he can’t lie, he prides himself with being honest and open, he believes that ‘said openness’ comes from within. Darren Criss was never a hypocrite, and he’s not about to start acting like one now.

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Crisscolfer Fic

It’s all Fun and Games: Darren Is an Idiot!

by: nunu55

Pairing: Darren Criss/Chris Colfer

Rating: PG

Warnings: sexual language 

Word count: 6300 

Summary: all that Chris wanted was Darren’s help with his sister’s birthday present, but Darren on the other hand had other things planned when he got Chris locked-in behind his bedroom door. Friendship crisscolfer, with sexual tension and a cameo appearance of Joey and Chris’s video camera. Same universe as the first ‘it’s all fun and games: good actor’ fic, but you don’t have to read it, this can be read separately.

Author note: this could not be possible without my dear, dear beta (aka best beta in the world) my favorite person on tumblr, ulysses31dancer, you took time from your busy life to fix this and make 100% better, I heart you so much xo

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God help me! I don’t know what to do with this guy! This is frustrating and I believe that I’ve reached the point of giving up. Seriously, I’m quitting this friendship. He has successfully driven me off! 

'Yeah, right!'

You don’t understand! You see, the thing about Darren Criss that pisses me off the most is that he doesn’t know when to stop. There’s a time and place for certain behavior and then there’s things that you don’t say, like ever. Apparently Darren skipped class the day they taught this, because the guy has no filter, period. He just says and does whatever the fuck he wants and I’m just fed up with it.

I don’t know how to deal with him anymore. Glaring doesn’t work, I’ve tried. Asking him to stop it, won’t shut him up either. Fuck, even hitting him wasn’t successful. The other day he kept spanking my ass, I’m not kidding. He was spanking my ass while telling me how tasty it looked in tight jeans! So, I used a combination of all three of my best: I gave him my best bitch face, told him to back off and pinched his arm. But even that wasn’t enough; the asshole just kept doing it!

'He could be flirting?'

No, he’s not flirting. The worst thing is though, it doesn’t stop there. I wish it did. He’s too touchy, constantly in my personal space, with the hand holding and the casual arm around my shoulder and waist. Friends don’t do that! Best friends don’t sniff your hair or kiss your cheek, or cuddle with you on a bed! Not since the last time I checked anyway. They don’t go around hugging you every time you meet them, even if some do, he doesn’t follow the three pats on the back rule! After three pats, you’re meant to let go!! A Darren Criss hug instead goes on for forever. I had to physically threaten him once just to get him to let me go!!

I’m not a prude, far from it… sometimes touching between friends is essential, but again, there’s a time and a place, and certainly there’s limits. Darren Criss goes beyond such things; he’s so far behind the line of socially-acceptable-behavior-between-friends, that he can’t even see it.

'You love him anyway. Fact is, Chris, you love him because he's different!'

No I don’t, I hate him!

‘Hate is a strong word’.

Okay, so I don’t hate ‘hate’ him, but sometimes I seriously could consider strangling him to death! That is not normal! I don’t think it is normal when you spend half an hour, every other week, plotting your best friend’s murder.

'Chris, you're overreacting.'

I’m not! And let this story be a clear warning to anyone who is considering a friendship with the one and only Darren Criss.

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untitled crisscolfer ficlet

Note: This came out of nowhere, I was looking at the crisscolfer tag, and it came to my mind, wrote it down quickly, sorry for the mistakes, unbetaed. Every thought is written in a line, this is how I think :P

Summary: Darren told Chris that he loves him, Chris doesn’t love him back. This is his thought process, while he’s trying to figure out what to say back.


I’m having a moment.

His eyes are staring at me, he is not blinking.

He hasn’t blinked for a minute, I believe.

How can someone not blink for that long?

And why?

Are you afraid of missing something?

You would hear if I say anything…

Are you trying to read my mind?

It’s been like 90 seconds, now.

Why won’t you blink?

Shit, have I been silent for that long?

He is expecting me to say something.

But what could I say?

I don’t have an answer to your question…

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Blurry Lines (crisscolfer fic, PG)

Title: Blurry Lines

Pairing: Darren Criss/Chris Colfer

Summary: Chris struggle with questions and strange thoughts while shooting a kissing scene with Darren. what is crossing the ’line’ when acting?  One shot. PG

Word count: just over 2000

Author note:  a Crisscolfer one shot, that I wrote while being so depressed and crying all day, enjoy. thanks again to ulysses31dancer, for fixing this, i love u dear :)

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts that can happen between two people. It is sharing a part of yourself and when you’re kissing someone you’re vulnerable, exposed, naked and bare in your partner’s arms. No matter what kind of kiss it is, whether it’s a peck on the lips or a long lingering kiss, or a passionate exchange with the touch of each other’s tongues or a breathtaking life-changing experience, or a habit that you do every day; each and every kiss is intimate. And then, there is the movement of your hands, the tilt of your head, how close you pull or push or how confident your tongue is. It’s all relative to your own psyche, your own thoughts. It is all the little things that give you away; kissing is a small window to your soul.

Chris Colfer is no virgin so he is far from innocent or naïve. He knows first-hand what it feels like to be touched and to be loved. He’s had a boyfriend or two, one of which worshiped the ground that he walked on, a boy that did everything and anything for Chris.

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It’s All Fun and Games: Good Actor.

Author note: Hi, so this is the result of spending the whole weekend reading crisscolfer fics, I had so much feeling that I had to write this so I could breathe. Big thanks to my lovely beta ulysses31dancer, thanks for making this fic readable ;)

Pairing: Darren Criss/ Chris Colfer

Summary:  all Chris really wants is to win the challenge and make Darren crack up while doing their famous Klaine skits, but apparently Darren is a good actor, or so he thinks?

rated PG13

“Hey, Chris!” I called after him. He was only three meters ahead of me on his way towards the dressing rooms. I was walking behind him, my eyes glued to his back as he moved, the noise of the roaring crowds still audible in my ears. 

“Hey, Chris, stop!” I said a little louder, and I knew he heard me, because he started to increase his speed. ‘Oh, you’re not getting away from me Colfer,’ I thought as I hurried my legs to catch up with that cute little butt of his.  

‘Cute butt?’ Previously I would have mentally kicked myself for thinking such things. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s not okay to think of my male co-worker’s butt, let alone describe it as cute, but these thoughts have been raining in my head like a storm ever since I met the one and only Christopher Colfer. Believe me; literally kicking myself hasn’t even stopped those inappropriate thoughts…  I’ve tried. 

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